Northern and Southern Hemisphere Experience in The Middle of The World (3 Hours)

Location: Quito, Ecuador
Tour code: GLE-12




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La Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World in Ecuador) a small place north of Quito visited by countless visitors each year. The 30 m high monument Mitad del Mundo is found 15 km from Quito and visiting this place means receiving the opportunity to cross the equator and standing with one leg on the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time. Right next to the monument visitors come to see another Ecuador attraction - Intiñan Museum Quito. The museum is a center for the promotion of the many aspects of Ecuador’s culture and the museum features a number of interactive exhibits demonstrating events that occur only on the equator including the complex Coriolis Effect (a phenomenon that causes the fluids, like water and air, to curve as they travel across or above Earth's surface. All in all, it is a place worth visiting and it does not matter if you are does if you want to learn more about Ecuador’s culture and history of its “discovery”, or if you simply want to have fun and take some epic pictures. 

The Mitad del Mundo tour highlights:

  • Explore the city La Mitad del Mundo
  • Visit famous  30 m high monument, Mitad del Mundo
  • Learn about Intiñan Museum and its exhibits

The Mitad del Mundo tour departures from the appointed hotels or from the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, meeting point in the Mariscal area. The tour starts at the northern part of the city heading up to the “Middle of the World City”, where the monument that divides the Northern from the Southern Hemisphere will be observed. It was built during the XVII century when a French Expedition defined the precise location of the equatorial line. Includes entrance to Middle of the World where you can enjoy the cultural experience of the attractions of this privileged place. 

Mitad del Mundo monument commemorates the first French Geodesic Mission which was in 18 th century with the purpose of measuring the roundness of the Earth and measuring the length of a degree of latitude at the Equator. This is where French astronomist and Spanish geographers determined the equatorial line in 1736. 

  • Visit the Equatorial monument 
  • Entrance is not included
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