Istanbul is a true world city, a city that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. It is an exciting, multicultural city with many tourist attractions and a unique character. A number of historical palaces, mosques, Basilicas and other buildings, witnessed generations of development that occurred under various empires. For more than 1500 years it has been the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Almost all tourist attractions have historical nature and date from different eras. It is a city with exceptionally beautiful contrasts, with a busy life of the 21st century. It is located on a stunning location, surrounded by water, which separates Europe from Asia.  The European side is also divided into two parts: the Golden Horn or Halic, which divides the historical part of the old Istanbul, that includes the Sultanahmet and Laleli areas, from a part of the modern city.

There are numerous bridges in Istanbul, most notably the Galata Bridge. Most visitors in short stays visit the old part of the town, as most major locations to visit are located there. Here you can bargain for almost everything and everywhere, from markets, boutiques, tourist excursions and even restaurants. In this great city, you can come across restaurants with different prices, service and type of cuisine, but most of them serve traditional Turkish cuisine. Always keep track of where a lot of locals eat because there is definitely a delicious food. Reservations at the restaurants are desirable wherever possible, especially when visiting trendy and popular restaurants. Prices in Istanbul are about the same as in other European metropolises.

For every world traveler, Istanbul is an inevitable tourist destination.

Famous attractions in Istanbul:

1.     Hagia Sophia Museum / Church (Ayasofya)

2.     Historic Areas of Istanbul

3.     Blue Mosque

4.     Sultanahmet District

5.     Suleymaniye Mosque

6.     Basilica Cistern

7.     Topkapi Palace

8.     Bosphorus Strait

9.     Dolmabahce Palace

10. Rahmi M. Koc Museum

11. Sultanahmet Square

12. Kariye Museum (The Chora Church)

13. Rustem Pasha Mosque

14. Eyup Sultan Mosque (Eyup Sultan Camii)

15. Gulhane Park

16. Kucuk Ayasofya Camii (Church of the Saints Sergius and Bacchus)

17. Istanbul Modern Museum

18. Galata Tower

19. Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Planning to visit?

What is the best time to visit Istanbul?

The best time to visit Istanbul is in the spring (April - June) and early autumn (August - November), as the summers are hot and humid, and the winters are rainy and sometimes snowy.

City transportation in Istanbul.

The main means of transport in Istanbul are numerous private and public buses ( Continuous traffic jams make buses slow, but also they are uncomfortable and overcrowded, and practically stop working at midnight. The taxi price ranges from 30 TRY (7.5 EUR) to 40 TRY (approx. 10 EUR) depending on your ability to bargain. Night tariff (from midnight to 06:00) is 50% more expensive than the daily one. Passenger ferries ( are convenient way of transportation in Istanbul. They are fast and cheap and drive to many useful destinations.

Customs in Istanbul

Turkish address older people formally, except if they are relatives or close friends. Couples are expected not to show affection or act casually toward each other in public. Same sex friends may greet each other with cheek kisses. Men shake hands upon meeting but only shake a woman's hand if she extends it to him. Turkish are known for their consideration for companions. They do not eat, drink or smoke without offering to share.

Turkey is a Muslim country. We suggest that your wardrobe includes clothes that cover shoulders, necklaces and knees (long and short sleeves, half-length pants, long skirts ...).

Good to know

Official language: Turkish

Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

Time zone: UTC+03:00

Country code: Istanbul Asia side +90-216. Istanbul Europe side +90-212.