Frequently asked questions

DoThisTour platform encompasses all the best tours, activities from suppliers around the world. This integrated and free platform offers something for anyone. In our easy to search database, you can find the perfect tour or activity and tailor it to your needs. In our search box, you enter your preferred destination (e.g. London, Paris, Berlin) and you get to choose the most popular tours, activities, and tickets connected to your destination. You also receive information about the most popular attractions and insider tips about top things to do at your preferred destination. Any user will have the possibility to make reviews about specific service booked through our website.

Go to our search engine and type the activity and/or location you want. Once you find the tour/activity you want, go to select the date and participants section. Choose your desired date in the booking calendar. Next, choose the number of people joining your tour/activity, then select ''check availability''. If your activity is not available at that period, no problem, DoThisTour will identify the free date for chosen tour/activity. Some activities on our web have multiple options so please ensure you have selected the correct option and date of departure before adding it to your chart.

You can cancel your booking using the online contact form. Keep in mind that your cancellation may result in cancellation fees applied by DoThisTour or by individual supplier/service provider. The cancellation will be confirmed through your email address. DoThisTour will not charge any additional fees on your cancellation if your cancellation request is received more than two days (48 hours) days ahead of your confirmed travel date. Cancellations made two days (48h) or less of your original travel date may be subject to additional fee. For certain products of services (e.g. multi-day and overnight tours), the alternative cancellation terms may apply. The Service provider will advise DoThisTour about alternative cancellation terms and these terms will be specified within each product description. Our suppliers or service providers may occasionally change tour dates, prices, inclusions, exclusions and other specifications in their offers. Therefore, DoThisTour reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service that you have booked on our Website. In the case that you are dissatisfied with the alternatives offered, you are entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price.

You need to provide your personal details, precise tour details and dates and your credit card credentials.

  1. Go to our website
  2. Click on the link at the top of the page that says "Sign up".
  3. Enter the information requested, including your desired account User name, Email, and Password. Passwords are case-sensitive.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials and you are responsible for all activities connected to your account. Every unauthorized use of your account must be reported to us.

Every website user needs to provide precise information about himself/herself to use our services. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account password and all other login credentials and you are responsible for all the activities connected to your account. If you notice some unauthorized use of your account, please contact us immediately.

Our website has two types of users – registered and a guest user. The Registered user has more benefits because DoThisTour will provide special offers, discounts and time-limited promotions made especially for our registered users.

Yes, you can cancel your booking, but you must be careful about our cancellation policy because the user must contact DoThisTour by email or by phone to cancel the reservation. The cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to departure time, for some tours, alternative cancellation terms may apply (e.g. multi-day and overnight tours). There will be no expenses if the cancellation is made within the agreed period. If cancellation is not made within this cancellation period, or in case you do not appear (No-show policy), DoThisTour has no obligation to make any refunds.

If the tour has been canceled you will receive notification through the email address you provided. Every Service provider will try to notify you as quickly as possible if a tour has been canceled. In some cases, you may be notified via phone. Make sure to check your e-mail once in a while because you may also receive a message about schedule changes or meeting point updates.

Your personalized booking voucher will be automatically e-mailed to you when you place the reservation. This receipt will contain all the details about your reservation, including supplier details. This means that you can always contact the supplier in case you miss some details about the tour, event or service booked.

Voucher is written document that serves to confirm or witness (vouch) for purchased DoThisTour services. DoThisTour offers personalized vouchers for users and each voucher shows that specific services have been booked and rendered through our website. Original and authentic voucher needs to be provided for the appropriate service provider to redeem your service, tour, activity, ticket etc.

For some booking, you will get immediate confirmation by email, but some other services need to be confirmed by the activity organizer and this may happen within 48 hours, or longer on weekends. Especially, if we speak about some special tours and requests.

If you do not have Internet access during your trip, you can print your voucher with all the details and bring it with you. Have in mind that all voucher details on the need to be visible

All tours and activities are explained in details, all inclusions and exclusions are specified within the tour provided. You should read carefully all the details, but any other special request can be sent to DoThisTour by email or by phone. We will contact our service provider and answer all inquiries you may have.

Of course! Each voucher contains important details about the tour operator. This means that you can contact the tour provider for any additional detail or information you need.

Yes, you can book activity for someone else. You need to provide their personal details instead of your own but provide your own billing information. Please be careful about email details you enter on your billing details form. The email you provide on traveler form will be used to send important information about the tour/activity to service receiver. (e.g. voucher, confirmations, changes about the service)

Our tours are available in two currencies– Euro () and USD ($)

TIP: If you book in a different currency than your credit card, your bank may charge you a currency conversion fee. This fee is generally per transaction, so you may be charged twice if you request a refund later. Check with your bank about their policy before booking.

Every user has the right to share an opinion about a specific tour or activity. Moreover, every user may review DoThisTour services to help other people get a real sense of what the tour or activity is all about. Leaving a review is totally optional. All reviews reflect user's experience on a tour or activity. Reviews should not evaluate DoThisTour booking process nor should they be used to request a refund. If a user needs to request a refund or give some extra feedback on DoThisTour service, booking procedure, refund procedure, the user should contact us via our online form, via email or via phone. We will be happy to help you and to improve our procedures and policies. DoThisTour does not allow any inappropriate content, so we reserve a right to remove reviews for the reasons like profanity, racism, any discrimination, reviews containing advertisements, spam or link to other websites, harassment, invalid contact information provided by the user, incorrect information about the tour, activity or service in general and content which can damage the tour or service provider's reputation.

You can ask a refund if you contact us directly. Your message about the refund should include detailed information (e.g. your personal information and DoThisTour booking reference number, proof for that lower price like a receipt, price list, link to another website). In this case, DoThisTour will check the given information and refund your money for the specific tour or activity.

Your account will have the option for editing/changing your details within the booking process, but you can also contact DoThisTour directly via our online form, via email or via phone. In this way, we can help you with the mistakes made within the booking procedure.

All vouchers can be accessed through your email address. You will receive your voucher in your confirmation email – usually within 15 minutes after you book your activity. Sometimes it may take even longer, but if you do not receive your voucher within 48 hours, please contact us immediately.

All activities on our website are booked in euro (EUR).  

You need to bring your voucher. This voucher can be printed or showed on your mobile device. This option depends on the service provider. Some of them accept printable vouchers and others allow you to show your voucher on a mobile device. Your ID details are also required to be recognized as a participant named on the voucher. If any additional activities are required for the tour or activity, this will be indicated on the voucher (e.g. valid driving license)

All users pay securely online using a valid credit card. (e.g. VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express)

All your payment information is encrypted in our payment system which means that your online payment is secure. We use internationally recognized and secure payment system to process your credit card transactions.

Every service provider for activities offered needs to specify what are the languages offered for the tour. You should always check all the details about tour/activity inclusion, exclusions which also applies for the languages offered.