Machu Picchu


What is it? A wonder.

What was it used for? We are not completely sure. was it built? Oh, my…

The complete mystery since the time it was discovered, the glorious, majestic site of Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains of Peru, was the site to inspire many travelers and lives. The 15th-century dry-stone walls, astronomical alignments and panoramic views 7000 feet above sea level are a magical, enchanting experience. The number one attraction of the continent once had the population of 1200 people. Since its isolation, the world took some long time to find it. Among the “Lost Cities,” today’s Macchu Picchu visitor count exceeds 5,000 people a day.Inca escaped the Spanish conquistadors to this site, we escape all the worldly hassle and busyness. The agricultural, urban, and religious areas of the settlement are perfectly arranged. Temples, baths, fields, and terraces take you to another time, from an elegant paradise to mystical depths of creation.