Cliffs of Moher


Cliffs of Moher stretch along the coast of Clare County in the western part of Ireland. These natural cliffs extend 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean, reaching a height of 214 meters above the sea level on some locations. Name of the Cliffs comes from the old Irish word Mothar, which symbolizes the devastated fortress. It is believed that in the first century BC there was a fortress in that area, although today there are no traces of it. Cliffs of Moher provides one of the most magnificent views of Galway Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. "There is hope" is a sign placed in multiple locations, which can be understood as explicit advice for those standing at the edge of the cliffs, or more metaphorically those standing “at the edge of life”, facing specific life turning point. Aran islands within Galway's Bay, coastal town Galway and the picturesque scenery of Connemara County are very close to Cliffs.

These Cliffs have been used as a location for various music videos and movies shooting, such as the popular Harry Potter and the Prince of Blood. Northeast of the cliffs is the Burren area, karst phenomenon with about 2,000 rare plants and flowers species.

The tourist offer is not intrusive. It consists of a visitor center built on the principles of sustainable development, harmoniously blended into a hill near the cliffs. Well-kept hiking trails provide visitors uninterrupted and safe access to cliffs. Taking all this into account, it is certain that the Cliffs of Moher as one of the most impressive natural sights of Ireland will continue to attract curious and nature loving people from all over the world.