Discover the Balkans

Once overlooked as a tourist destination, the Balkans are steadily rising on most ranking lists. The mixing of many cultures over time combined with pockets of pristine, untouched nature are sure to result in an unforgettable experience.

Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina 

Formed around and named after its most prominent attraction which doubles as the most famous bridge in the Balkans, Mostar is a city marked by its past. Nowhere else will travelers find such a fluid transition from Ottoman-flavoured narrow, cobblestoned streets to buildings left behind by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire with still very-much visible scars from previous wars looming around the corner.

Tara National Park, Serbia

Standing head and shoulders above most other national parks in the region, Tara Nation Park is a relatively new addition to the list. Mt Tara and its surroundings were declared a national park in 1981 among which the rare Serbian spruce can be found, a type of tree endemic to the Drina river valley. Hiking, cycling, fishing and kayaking are the most popular activities in the park.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Montenegro's most photographed site, Sveti Stefan consists of jumbled 15th-century villas on top of a small rock just off the coast. Once a fishing village, the island is owned today by the luxurious Aman resort meaning it is off limits to most. Those looking for the best picture spot possible in Montenegro won't be far off the mark with Sveti Stefan.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Thanks to the recent hit series filmed here, Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik's international popularity exploded as fans and travelers alike flock to witness the beauty of the city's Old Town nestled comfortably inside intimidating fortifications. Riding a cable car up Mt. Srđ for a perfect view of the city and turquoise waters of the Adriatic, walking the city or simply sipping a coffee and people-watching from one of the many cafes lining the streets are just a few things to do in Dubrovnik.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

An enchanting lake with emerald-green waters and an island resting in the middle, Lake Bled truly is the symbol of Slovenia's beauty. Providing a picture-perfect setting backdrop for weddings, many couples decide to hold their marriage ceremony in the historic monastery on the island after which a short trip in traditional wooden boats over the lake takes the procession to the 12th-century castle overlooking the entire lake. As far as fairy-tale settings go, Bled is unmatched by any in the region.

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